Do you trust your spine?

when you carry a heavy load? when you run? when you do Sun Salutations? when you stand up from a chair? when you go hiking? when you climb the stairs? when you squat? when you twist? when you bridge?

 Build a bridge to a healthier back

What lies between you
and the way you want to feel?

  • Is your posture stuck in the looking-at-phone position?
  • Are you lacking focus & motivation?
  • Does working out just remind you of your aches & pains?
  • Do you measure your progress by comparison to others?
  • Is your breathing forced, limited, or irregular?
  • Do you try to do too many things at once?
  • Do you spread yourself too thin?
  • Are you afraid to openly speak your mind?
  • Do you feel anxious about the future?

If you could bridge the gap, what would you like to find on the other side?

How about:

  • The ability to be easily upright without stiffening
  • A full chest that carries your head high with an easy breath
  • The discipline and energy to stay focused on your central goals
  • The confidence that comes from knowing how to consciously regulate your nervous system
  • A lack of concern about someone else's stamp of approval
  • The courage to stand up and speak, to be seen and heard
  • A sense of comfort in a variety of environments
  • A sustainable and meaningful personal growth practice that continually deepens your understanding of who you are

What would be different if you had a spine you could trust?

A spine you can trust is a necessary foundation for living a purposeful life. When you don't have to strain to maintain your tallest stature, you won't feel that you are putting on false appearances. When you are capable of bending, twisting and arching without pain, you'll experience more joy and creativity. When you no longer associate strength with rigidity, you'll be able to approach challenges with more confidence. When people recognize that you are someone with backbone, you'll gain the respect of peers and they will listen when you speak.

Building that spine is the central aim of Bridging the Gap, the next round of the innovative Reimagining Asana program,  a non-traditional exploration of yoga posture which is designed to help you understand:

  • What efficient movement looks and feels like
  • The relationship of your breathing to everything you do
  • How to work through your habits to develop more symmetrical movement
  • Why there's no such thing as strength without skeletal support
  • Why three-dimensional  attention is the skeleton key that unlocks movement freedom
  • How to develop body awareness in everyday life to make your learning continuous

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