Feldenkrais Method at Eaton Workshop

Feldenkrais® at Eaton Workshop

¡Rewrite Your Mind-Body Story!


The Feldenkrais Method is a sneaky way to get more flexibility without stretching, and get more strength without lifting weights!

You will literally feel like a totally different person after these workshops. It's like a roadmap for finding the kind of flow state you feel on a day when everything goes right.

If you are sick of repetitive exercise and want a deep felt understanding of how to harmonize your brain and body, you will love this.

What happens during a Feldenkrais workshop?

It feels like a slow motion martial arts class for grown-up sized kids!

You'll explore Awareness Through Movement® - a gentle process of self-exploration that uses delicious non-habitual movement as a vehicle to create deep systemic change.

You will be verbally guided through unique meditative movement experiences that show you how to release long-term habitual muscle contractions. During frequent rest periods you'll directly feel this unfolding transformation in your changing relationship to the floor below you.

When you stand up at the end you’ll find an easier upright posture, more effortless movement, and a vibrant aliveness where it feels natural to express yourself creatively.

You won't do anything that makes you strain, but you will definitely do things you've never done before.

(That's true even if you're an advanced yogi - but you don't have to be a "movement person" to get this.)

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