Grounding Practice


Use these basic grounding practices anytime and anywhere.

I suggest you follow the guidance of these recording many times until you feel comfortable with the basics maps they contain. Then continue to improvise with them when and where you find them useful.  Experiment with different positions, including sitting, lying down, and standing.

Practice #1

Practice #2

Practice #3

My blog post, "on being at home" summarizes the basics of the above practices in written form, also integrating the image of your heart.

Below is an Awareness Through Movement lesson that is done lying on the floor. To follow along comfortably, you will need a wide space to lie on the floor and might wish to have a folded towel to support your head.

This practice was recorded during an individual client session.

For more in-depth study:

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The Feldenkrais Method is a revolutionary approach to human learning and development that is built on the foundation of a series of principles that help us understand what ideal movement would look like.

Even if we never reach that ideal, understanding its features helps us practice in a more meaningful way. Below are links to a series of posts on this topic that I have written for my email subscribers. 10-minute audio lessons are included to help you get an embodied understanding of each principle.

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#1: What are the principles of ideal human movement?

#2: The Principle of Sensitivity

#3: The Principle of Nervous System Learning

#4: The Principle of Free Breath

#5: The Principle of Dynamic Posture

#6: The Principle of Reversibility