After a year of being mostly inside, inactive, & alone . . . 


What has changed in the last year

Since early 2020, the world has experienced a phenomenal amount of change. It wasn’t just in the air you breathed or the headlines you read. It also happened inside you. You formed new patterns of thinking and behavior - for better or worse.

Just like the movement compensations you make when part of your body is injured and needs time to heal, many of the habits you developed in the course of the pandemic were sensible responses to changed circumstances. 

It’s way too soon to say the pandemic is "over", but what’s certain is that patterns of human interaction are shifting again. Call it the “new normal” if you like, but given what we’ve all been through, it doesn’t feel like anything we’ve experienced before.

What kind of future are you making with your habits?

Now is a good time to take stock of the way your habits are influencing the way you move through the world and ask yourself...

How long it will continue to serve you to: 

  • Avoid gathering with others?
  • Restrict your breathing?
  • Spend the majority of your time indoors?
  • Make character judgements based on superficial appearances?
  • Be afraid of things you can’t see?

As you return to activities that you left behind over a year ago, you might ask: 

  • Which situations deserve a continued sense of caution?
  • Which situations invite letting your guard down?
  • Which activities reinforce your isolation and loneliness?
  • Which activities invite rejuvenation and renewal?
  • How can you refine your powers of observation and intuition in order to better understand how you need to adapt to each new circumstance?

A 3-step process for finding your own unique path forward

The answers are different for each person. But there is a basic process that will serve any individual committed to making sense of their situation so they can act most effectively in the world.

To discover what is true for you - as well as what is comfortable and actionable - you must first take the necessary time to pause and listen to what is moving inside you.

But internal reflection is not enough (it’s even possible to overdo it). You also need to look outward to get more clarity on what is truly happening in the world around you.

Finally, you must create harmony between yourself and the world. 

A new kind of flexibility: the ability to find comfort in a wide variety of atmospheres

If you're surrounded by noise, you must learn how to find peace without quiet. If you mix among a wide range of personalities, maybe you need to learn how to be more of a chameleon. If you have something to say that needs to be heard, you must learn to find the ground under your feet so that you can say it loud and clear.

And for each action you take, you must be able to sense how what you do is received. There's an ongoing feedback loop between you and your environment that you ignore at your peril. To be adaptive and resilient, you must be engaged in an ongoing process of sensing, feeling, thinking, and doing.

It’s no simple task. But it’s easier when we do it together.

Are you ready to take off your mask?

On June 27, 1-4pm EST, you’re invited to join an interactive workshop to make sense of this unprecedented moment of transition. Taking Off Your Mask is a one-of-a-kind event that I have designed to provide you with the resources you need to set your internal compass to move forward.

During this 3-hour immersion, I'll walk you through an exploratory process of self-observation and movement to bring your body, mind, and surroundings into a more harmonious alignment. Not only will you gain increased mental and physical comfort, you’ll also walk away with a simple 3-step framework to find a deeper sense of ground in any situation you find yourself in.

Whether you're brand new to exploring your habits of body and mind or you have been practicing for years, this is a special opportunity to gain actionable insights about what you can do right now to improve the quality of your daily experience - regardless of external circumstances - in the days and weeks ahead.

Here’s what will be covered in the workshop:

  • The single most important change you can make in relation to your body that will improve everything you do - when you understand this one simple principle about how your biology speaks to you, you’ll have a tool you can apply anytime and anywhere to find more comfort in your own skin.
  • Do you ever feel conflicted whether to say what you think or hold your tongue? Do you ever wear a social “mask” so that your expression doesn’t betray your emotions?
    That internal tug of war isn’t just a mental thing. It shows up in the way you hold your neck, jaw and throat and the muscles throughout your face. You’ll learn how to identify those kinds of unnecessary strains and let them go.
  • You are in constant exchange with your environment: breathing in & out, speaking & listening, giving and taking, seeing and being seen, eating and eliminating, buying and selling, caring for others and being taken care of. Find out how to create a healthy balance so you can show up the way you want to in your family and your community.
  • Not all your habits are harmful. And trying to create a totally clean slate is unrealistic and counterproductive. Instead, the key is to recognize which habits to keep and which ones to move beyond. To do this, you need to be able to distinguish between what feels better because it’s familiar - and what actually serves your best interests.
  • In order to discover new possibilities, you need to be willing to step outside your comfort zone. But this doesn’t mean you have to take wild risks. Instead, by learning to make safe experiments that expose your blind spots and require creative solutions, you can train yourself to become more adaptive and resilient.

Any and all questions about this event are welcome. Contact me directly at sethbdellinger [at]

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