How does your jaw reflect your mood?
Are you determined?

- Saturday, March 20, 1-3pm EST -

Tuning Back In To Unlock Your Jaw

What is your jaw trying to tell you?

When you're not doing anything in particular, what are you doing with your jaw? Does your mouth hang open? Do you keep it clamped shut? Is it somewhere in between?

Your masseter, which closes your mouth, is the strongest muscle in your body by weight. When all of your jaw muscles work together, they can generate 200 pounds of force through your molars.

Are you using that power to your benefit?


When does your jaw talk to you?

If your dealing with stress, your jaw is one of the most common places it shows up. You might notice jaw tension while eating or in the morning after waking if you grind your teeth as you sleep. Or perhaps you're jaw talks to you during certain social interactions.

Do you have a habit of speaking your mind? Or are you tend to "hold your tongue" when you disagree?

Your comfort with expressing yourself might relate to the comfort of your jaw.


What do you do when you feel jaw tension?

Open and close your mouth? Rub your jaw? Let your mouth hang open? Eat softer foods? Take pain killers?

You do what you've got to do, but if if you're still feeling discomfort, then maybe you need a new strategy. Any approach that tries to narrowly "fix" jaw tension is likely to provide only temporary relief because it doesn't get to the root of the problem.

Join an interactive movement workshop so you can:

  • Understand how your jaw functions in coordination with your spine and how your postural habits influence your ability to move your jaw comfortably.
  • Learn practical "tuning back in" exercises you can easily incorporate into your day that will make a world of difference if you're willing to adopt them as healthy habits that guide you into a deeper understanding of self-care.
  • Experience Awareness Through Movement processes that create harmonious relationships between your jaw, tongue, shoulders, chest & spine, reducing tension and improving your posture.

This workshop will help you realign your movement with your intentions so you can:

  • Reach out towards what nourishes you rather than withdrawing
  • Express what you feel with confidence and honesty rather than "holding it in"
  • Soften and open your expression rather than wearing a defensive mask

Are you ready to put your best face forward?

Cost: $25 (includes workshop recording)

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