Q: "What's the correct way to breathe?" 

A: Listen to your body, not a formula!


Because "healthy breathing" isn't the same from one situation to the next. There's no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" breath.

How you breathe when you run is not how you breathe when you meditate; when you talk with friends, sing, or dive underwater.

Instead, you can cultivate the skills that give you an adaptable and resilient breath with the capacity to recalibrate for each new situation. To develop this capacity, you'll need to develop breath fluency in a variety of different contexts.


To help you breathe easier, I have created Your Flexible Breath, an 8-part audio program designed for self-paced study in the comfort of your home.

Each of these hour-long sessions introduces a new aspect of this primary biological function, so you can transform it into a powerful tool for improving any physical activity you engage in, and for enhanced emotional regulation.

You'll learn how to:

  • Breathe deeper & more easily - even in circumstances that make you want to hold your breath
  • Find more flexibility in your chest so strong emotions can't paralyze you
  • Lengthen your spine to maintain your dignity in upright action (including social interaction)
  • Use breath for improved balance and deeper grounding
  • Employ your breath as an ever-evolving tool for skillful nervous system regulation

You are not going to learn cookie-cutter "breathing techniques."

Instead, you'll be immersed in deep somatic processes designed to help you cultivate a dynamic and sophisticated breath awareness. The audio lessons in this program provide you with a powerful set of tools to integrate better breathing into everything you do

Get Your Flexible Breath for $85:

Immerse yourself in 8 powerful somatic processes to unlock your breath's full potential: 

One Lung Scan

Learn how to specifically direct your breath into the various regions of your lungs to increase the volume of each inhale. Cultivate a more specific use of your attention which makes it possible to access and release tensions lying deeper below the surface.

Global Breathing

Discover how the movements of your floating ribs and your breast bone change the shape of your chest to make space for internal expansion in every direction. Become more familiar with the dynamic, flowing relationship between the space inside your body and the space of the surrounding environment.

Moving Inside the Breath

Explore multiple rhythmic relationships between your breathing and the movement of your limbs. Develop your breath adaptability to reduce anxiety and excess muscular efforts, an essential principle of self-care that applies to every single one of your daily activities.

Lengthening the Spine with the Breath 

Use the movement of your breathing to increase the elasticity of your spine and improve your balance. Understand the relationship between your posture and your self-image to access more upright dignity.

See Saw Breathing

Create new flexibility of action by coordinating the use of your abdominal muscles with your breath in different patterns and relationships to gravity. Gain greater control over the organization of your internal support for upright posture and emotional regulation.

Expanding the Nostrils

Get to know the muscles that flare your nostrils and the relationship between the shape of your nose and the expansion of your lungs. Learn a powerful process for combatting nasal congestion and strengthening your sense of smell.

Moving From the Belly

Use your breath to generate internal movement that maximizes the power of your gravitational center, lengthens the spine, and stabilizes your posture. Escape from the tyranny of cultural images that encourage excess abdominal tension and the anxiety that this muscular habit produces.

Awakening the Ribs

Improve the flexibility of your ribs, waking up powerful muscles in your torso which enhance breathing and support easy and powerful actions of your arms and legs. Rediscover a youthful vitality and the experience of pure pleasure in movement.

What people are saying about the physical & emotional benefits of my programs: 

"This was just very liberating. For me, it's psychologically beneficial to feel like I have healthy lungs that know how to breathe and really know how to take advantage of the space that can be there if we let it."


"I feel so much joy. I can feel my body in a way that I have never felt before. I feel more confident and more powerful."


"A grounding I haven't felt for years!"


"This is exactly what I needed! With this virus stuff - it's like a gravity that's been pulling me away from me. So I'm really glad to say that, at least for a while, I have been free of that gravity and I can return to the gravity of the human body."


"I felt incredibly lighter. It was a dramatic difference. It was just there. I haven't experienced that before. That was really wonderful."


"...an organic blossoming of an integrated whole movement. I lost my thoughts and felt myself in the pure sensation/experience without trying to do anything. Thanks Seth!"


"I think I have a better sense of the boundaries of my body. I was sensing the boundaries of the space of my inner body. It helps me to ground myself and really know the space I'm occupying. It makes me feel more alive. I can feel the needs of my body better."


"I feel my spine is more alive right now. I feel my spine is very strong. My body is alive and I feel longer, taller. It’s very interesting - I'm not worried about my muscles, I’m not worried about my posture, but I feel taller and stronger."


"I feel my chest is moving with so much ease and it's so hard to remember how it was before.  It is so flexible and I feel like my upper body's just moving so freely."


"I had a sense that the space was really three dimensional and really wide. I felt freedom in my whole body and the breathing also changed. I feel very stable and very well connected to the space around me."


"My upper back has really been bothering me in the last four, five or six days, especially on the left side. And right now, for the first time in five days, without focusing on it, that knot is gone."


"Really rich in experience and a little further away from words. I felt this real nice access to my creativity."

What people are saying about my teaching:

"The language you used to emphasize the subtle yet profound shifts that happen when we selectively direct our awareness was extremely effective."


"Seth shares his extensive knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method by physically helping you with the small movements in a very relaxing way. I gained a new understanding of the spine and how all parts of the body interact. The brain is also engaged in some subtle way so that the mind-body connection is transformed."


"I went through a few of your recordings and I wanted to deeply thank you. I like your style very much, the clarity and precision you are offering, as well as the gentle invitation to own the material and delve into personal inquiries, the encouragement to carry the reflection beyond the hour of practice."


"Seth has a gentle way about him which lends itself to the inviting and exploratory approach of the Feldenkrais method. His voice is calm and his tone is non judgmental as he asks you to observe and ponder upon your body’s sensations. He gives you permission to move towards your natural physical tendencies and patterns and then asks you to see what happens when you choose another direction.

In this work, one is able to wash away unnecessary patterns to make room for new and more efficient ones, creating a sense of ease in the body."


"I feel like I've attempted what we were doing before, either through Feldenkrais or Qigong or or other energy flow movements, but I've never had it work quite as effectively. So I was really there today and that was just beautiful. I actually felt a flow up and a flow down, as in a circle of lighter energy going up and down. That was just wonderful."


"The classes have been wonderful for me with respect to reminding my body that I can slow down, that I can breathe, that not every movement has to be rushed, or large, that I can take time to explore rather than just to react in the moment."


"As someone who is not really designed to learn from teachers, I always found myself fortunate when teachers crossed my path who showed me the way to unlearning, the way to decondition from the clichés of the collective, and how I could learn for myself through my own experience rather than relying on information thrown at me by the outside world.

Seth is definitely one of them. I like watching him coming up with creative ways of manifesting new structures of behavior for overcoming the stress of a hectic and unaware life, his enthusiasm in exploring new and graceful movements of the body, and how he joyfully transmits that enthusiasm.

I'd recommend his classes to everyone who's open to explore and dive into the unknown depths of the intelligence of this magical vehicle we call the human body. "


"A really wonderful way to get to that sort of mental state or psychic state of really feeling like I was in the moment, and it carries through. That's a really nice feeling and something good to remember throughout the rest of our day."