thoughts in slow motion

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

unpolished thoughts 6/15/2019

Tiny pulses, whisper soft, emanate from center out to the edges, making sounds that can be felt, but barely heard, moments that live at the border of sound and sensation.

As you shift – even the slightest bit – in the direction of forming a thought, how many pulses have you already made?

How quickly do the microscopic changes in the brain make themselves felt in the tips of the fingers?

If you were to become so quiet that you could feel the answers to those questions, you might be surprised to feel something else as well, the incredible speed of even the smallest and softest movements.

Still, suppose you had a microscope, and you could expand the image of these mere specs to the size of mountains.

Suppose that you could watch their unfolding through the eyes of a slow motion film.

How would it feel to watch yourself traveling one step at a time along that pathway, from the central base of your intentions all the way up to their blossoming expression at the breathing surface where the pores of your skin border the world?

How would it feel to develop more sensitivity to the inner rhythms that determine the quality of your interaction with the outside world around you?

That’s what my next online Feldenkrais program, Connecting Insides & Outsides will be all about.

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