Expand Your World

Through Embodied Dialogue

The overall quality of your life depends on
the quality of your relationships.

So wouldn't it make sense to get more clarity about what your body & mind are really doing when you relate to other people?

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Join the unique community practice that develops your capacity for creating meaningful connection, so you can:

  • Deepen your closest relationships
  • Find comfort in different environments and in the company of different people
  • Confront long-term behaviors that contribute to social anxiety, loneliness, and isolation
  • Build new friendships & explore distributed cognition through the art of dialogue

"You're going to leave this class in a
profoundly different state."

Hear embodiment & business coach Chandler Stevens talk about who this class is - and isn't - for


January Class Series: Movements of Thought & Attention

Classes meet Wednesdays 8-10pm EST, December 1 - 29

The way you relate to the words you speak is defined by your habits of thought, speech and relating. Redefine your self-expression by reimagining language, expanding the resonance of your speaking voice and unlocking the musical dynamics of everyday conversation.

(Scroll down for detailed description of individual class themes)

Cost - $65, recordings included

How the Expand Your World class works:

Each 2-hour class moves through 3 stages to develop warm human connection between the participants - kindling, sparks & flame.

We begin and end with an exchange of ideas about how we relate, taking up a different specific aspect of this theme in each class.

We afford equal reverence to the unfolding sensations in our bodies as we do to the meaning of the words we speak, in a collective exploration of the felt sense of relationship.

The two conversational encounters are bridged by an exploratory movement process designed to refresh your nervous system through the engagement of novel patterns of action and non-habitual use of the attention.

Then, with a newly drawn map of mind, body, and self, the group returns to reengage in fresh dialogue and even deeper felt connection.

January dialogues:

January 5: Agreement, Disagreement & Cross-Motivation

Necessity creates powerful impulses. Once you feel that something is necessary, it creates an impulse to do it or not to do it, whatever it may be. It may be very strong and you feel compelled, propelled. Necessity is one of the most powerful forces - it overrides all the instincts eventually. 


We must learn to be more sensitized to our own condition, and become so quiet that we consciously sense what an authority within us counsels us to do. By really becoming quieter, we make contact with this reliable inner self that will never let us down 


January 12: Pathways of Thought

The delicate tremble of a butterfly’s wings in my hand, the soft petals of violets curling in the cool folds of their leaves or lifting sweetly out of the meadow-grass, the clear, firm outline of face and limb, the smooth arch of the horse’s neck and the velvety touch of his nose - all these, and a thousand resultant combinations, which take shape in my mind, constitute my world.


All our experience evinces something like the flow of a melody - all we experience picks up on themes that were already developing and takes them in new directions, fulfilling certain anticipations while launching new ones.


January 19: Abandoning Control, Allowing What Is

Go ahead and do things “wrong”! I mean that very seriously. We are brought up to have a real fear of doing things wrong, and this is one of the things that does most to cheat us out of life. 


We need to learn to tolerate that uncomfortable in-between part of any interaction, that stage of not-knowing-that-which-cannot-yet-be-known (but may become known in the next moment if you can stop trying to control things and stay open).


Once the structure of our belief system is no longer there, we become very flexible. We can create anything we want to create; we can do anything we want to do. 


January 26: Attention, Intention, Action & Distraction

We cannot teach anything if we don’t have someone’s attention; we cannot learn anything if we don’t pay attention. 


Instead of mentally projecting yourself away from the Now, go more deeply into the Now by going more deeply into your body. 


The silent worker is imagination which decrees reality out of chaos.



Every Expand Your World class is two hours long. Movement practice and embodied dialogue combine to create a group process that fosters deeper human connection. Its three-part structure roughly maps onto the process of building a campfire. It begins with kindling, continues with spark, and then moves into flame.



Class begins with “kindling” - these are words I’ve chosen that point us towards some universal aspect of human experience we are all capable of feeling, recognizing and contemplating together.

We will investigate this aspect of being human together over the course of the entire class, through our movement, the use of our attention, and our capacity to connect our nervous systems through the magic of language, or embodied dialogue.

The initial “kindling” for each class is always posted ahead of time (see above). Participants are invited to bring their own complementary “kindling” to class to expand the dimensions of our collective practice.

At the beginning of the class, these words will be read aloud. Every participant will have the opportunity to read. 

We read to dive deeper than the surface meaning of the words and into the sensory and somatic experience of how they shape our lips, teeth and tongue, and resonate the voice in our throats. We sense how their vibrations are captured by our ears, digested into images by our brains, and watch how they flower into sensations throughout our bodies.

While we speak to each other we also attend to our collective vibrational experience as we build connection through the voluntary sharing of space for the exchange of ideas.

(For those familiar with it, one might think of our process as something like an ensemble experience of the contemplative practice of Lectio Divina.)



We begin by facing each other in order to tune into our felt sense of relationship. Then we enter into the exploratory process of Awareness Through Movement, a form of somatic inquiry that combines the use of novel movements and non-habitual use of attention to refresh the nervous system. 

The intention of the practice is to redraw our internal maps of mind, body, and self in order to awaken more graceful and comfortable movement and clearer perception. Each class includes a new sensory journey that fits both the monthly theme of the class and the words that have just been read aloud.



After exploring inside, we expand our attention outside of ourselves once again, bringing each other back into our field of awareness. We endeavor to do this while remaining connected to our own insides. 

With new eyes, ears, and mouths, we revisit the words that birthed our inquiry, inviting them to burn even brighter. 

Then we gradually remove formalities, speaking more freely from within the unfolding sensations of our shared experience. Through the exchange we make further discoveries together that none of us could individually arrive to on our own.

The invitation and intention of the class is to create the experience of a kind of a group flow state that opens us to a new experience of relating.

Hi, I'm Seth.

All my life, I've been drawn towards experimental creativity, starting with an early fascination with language. I explored "speaking in tongues" while walking to school in 2nd grade without understanding what I was doing, and then kept going.

While studying music in college, I read a book on the topic and invented my own imaginary language, Beeayboll. For several years around the turn of the millenium I was part of a radical musical community in Middletown, CT, centered around the saxophonist/composer/improviser Anthony Braxton. Language was at the center of many of the creative ensembles I was part of, especially the Correspondence Quartet, a group whose music was based on 26 memorized melodic "words" that we organically grew into a musical communication system.

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Later I was involved as an activist in many social struggles and worked in food production for nearly a decade. I taught myself to speak Spanish and learned to communicate with people (my co-workers) who came from a world completely unlike my own. A new dimension of language made itself known to me.

In the next chapter of my life, I discovered the Feldenkrais Method and the deep language of movement. This practice has now been my spiritual home and field for "serious play" for nearly a decade. In 2021, I began a new practice, enrolling in a year-long training in the Art of Circling with the Circling Institute. For me, this practice extends what I have learned through Feldenkrais practice into the relational sphere of life.

The Expand Your World  community practice is the place where I draw upon and integrate all these different resources. My goal is to help people develop more comfort in their bodies, mental calm, emotional stability and the capacity to build deeper and more meaningful relationships.

I hope to contribute to spreading the practice of good faith dialogue - something badly needed in today's crisis-ridden world - a goal I share with a many new communities of practice sprouting up around the world.

I hope you'll join us.