Embodied Dialogue

Move, Meditate & Relate

Integrate Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

The Art of Deep Listening

March 21, 8-9:30pm EST 

& March 28, 10:30am-12pm EST 

When you were in your mother’s womb and couldn’t see a thing, you received your very first impressions of the outside world through your sense of hearing. So your sense of hearing is older than your sense of sight and thus connected to a more primordial state of learning.

While your vision tells you about what is happening in the world in front of you, your auditory attention encompasses space in all directions. Yet most people orient through their life with a bias towards the visual, reducing the overall scope of their attention.

8:6 mushrooms 1

Reawakening and refining your capacity for deep listening can fundamentally transform your relationship to self, others, and the surrounding world. Reality unfolds musically - it is layered, rhythmic, and expressive, and your biology and psychology are intimately interwoven into its fabric. 

The art of deep listening is a life skill that lays the basis for transformative change. It is a form of listening that involves the whole self - not just the ears. When we open ourselves listening without judgment to what is really present in our experience, new pathways of thought, sensation, and action become possible.

In this session: 

  • Harmonize the music of your body with the music of the world
  • Discover the connection between your ears and your posture
  • Learn to listen below the surface of the words for deeper interpersonal connection
  • Quiet your mind to hear the sound of silence

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Seeing Beyond the Horizon

April 4, 8-9:30pm EST 

& April 11, 10:30am-12pm EST 

If “seeing is believing”, then you’d better believe that the way you look at things determines your worldview: 

If you see more with one eye it influences the carriage of your head - which changes the line of your spine, how you bear your weight, and the way you walk.

If you have “tunnel vision” or take a “broad perspective”, this determines not only what you see, but what you think.

eyes 2

If you are comfortable making eye contact - or if you aren’t - perhaps it says something about whether your willingness to show your soul?

If you can see with your eyes closed, you can learn to tap the power of your imagination to make contact with invisible forces that create very real change in your life.

Are you aware of visual habits? How often do you try on new perspectives? Are you attracted to light or do you shy away? Do you spend more time bathed in sunlight or staring at screens? When your eyes wander, where do they go?

When you explore the use of your eyes, not only do you open the doors of your perception, but you also shed light on the inner workings of your central nervous system, the seat of your attention and the foundations of your self-image.

In this session:

  • Soften your eyes to bring relaxation to your entire body
  • Gain more clarity, depth and flexibility of vision
  • See the world through the eyes and hearts of others
  • Remove the blindspots between yourself and invisible forces

Drop-in for $20

What is Embodied Dialogue?

Embodied Dialogue is a powerful process I developed with my private clients in 2022 that brings together the most important lessons I've learned in over a decade of being both a student and teacher of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education, mindfulness meditation, and authentic relating practices. I'm now opening it up to the general public.

The "secret sauce" is activated when you connect the dots between these different forms of self-knowing and see how they are all different ways of getting at the same thing:

Stop. Look. Listen.
See and feel something new.
Gain a deeper understanding of who you really are.
Then courageously try it on in action! 

If you get this idea deep in your bones, you'll transform the way you move through the world day in and day out - which is a big deal!

Each Embodied Dialogue session opens up a new dimension of this multi-layered practice of self-inquiry in order to discover:

  • more pleasure in your physical body
  • more clarity of mind
  • a more courageous and open heart
  • a sense of comfort in your own skin when you are in the company of others.

Tap into your being at the soul level - and give yourself the nourishment that's been missing.

"Seth's community practice has beautifully enriched my daily practice and supported me to feel more connected to myself and those around me. I've been meditating for years, but when I was first starting out I would have loved to have had a community to practice with and a mentor to demonstrate the broad scope of meditation. Seth offers this plus more.

I am especially intrigued with what he calls Embodied Dialogue. As a result of this methodology, I made surprisingly deep and quick connections with other members of the community which have helped me to better understand the power of somatic work, meditation and relating. I could not recommend Seth or this practice highly enough."