Are you ready to take off your mask?

The pandemic isn’t over yet, but the world is starting to move again. As behavior patterns change, now is a good moment to consider what you are going to do with the habits you’ve adopted over the last year. How do you want to move out into the world again?

Feldenkrais & Wim Hof – Two Paths to Resilience

  “Health is measured, not by the capacity to stay standing, but by the ability to be knocked down and then return to standing.” – Moshe Feldenkrais “If we always choose comfort, we never learn the deepest capabilities of our mind and body.” – Wim Hof   Beginnings About a decade ago, I stumbled upon the Feldenkrais …

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moving downwards

Photo by Elijah G on Unsplash I’ve been thinking a lot about downwards movement recently. One reason is what I’ve been reading. Another is where I’m currently exploring in my movement practice. And of course, a lot of people seem to think the world is going down in flames right now. That’s a direction and …

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