Conversations with Creative Thinkers

Christopher Mastropietro: Dialogue As Collaborative Character Development

With John Vervaeke: Awareness Through Movement & Embodied Wisdom

Daniel Zaruba: Philosophy as a Way of Life

Gregory Sadler: Understanding Our Relationship to Anger

John Vervaeke: Overcoming Spiritual Illiteracy

Annie Thoe: Embodying Natural Wisdom

Ryan Barton: Wisdom Practices for a Deliciously Integrated Life

Dan Clurman: Expanding Space for Inner & Outer Dialogue

Jon Cotton: The Art of Intimate Conversation

John Russon: Music as a Metaphor for Life

Matt Zepelin: Somatics, Science & Spirituality

Christine Ruffolo: Connection as the Heart of Movement Practice

Candace Scarborough: Languaging Movement, from Gaga to Anne Boleyn

Lewis Cooke: RelaxtoErupt, a Creative Movement Practice

Lara Heppell: Connecting Menstrual & Lunar Cycles for Self-Development

Vinny Mwano: Storytelling Through Movement & the Stories That Move Us

Haidee Stairmand: Living & Loving Your Anatomy

Juliana Pongutá: Movement Research, Improvisation and Self-Discovery

Brian Morrison: Wim Hof Method, Bodily Expression, and Mental Health

Mateusz Bogdanowicz: Bridging the Social Isolation of the Pandemic Through Dance

Tobi Portella: Fighting Monkey, Feldenkrais and Challenging Authority

Paul Pui Wo Lee: Developing the Inner Artist with the Feldenkrais Method

Chandler Stevens: Movement as a Metaphor for Connecting Different Realms of Life

Andrew Gibbons: Defining A Sustainable Long-Term Personal Growth Practice