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Nice to meet you!

My name is Seth Dellinger. I am a teacher and life-long student of creativity and the healing arts. My greatest joy is to hold space for the transformation of people who have made the conscious decision to aim their lives in the direction of realizing their greatest potential for contributing to the wellbeing of humanity.

In this historical moment of "metacrisis" or "time between worlds", I am an optimist, finding daily encouragement in the infinite possibilities of learning to fall in love with life.

Beginning from deep immersion in the inner worlds of my childhood, I followed the path of wonder and longing into the realm of creative music making in early adulthood, then expanded my understanding of human experience by a totally different avenue in a decade of working in factory jobs.

Following a personal crisis, I started building my life again on the foundation of my body through running, breathwork, and yoga before engaging in formal training in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education®, which I like to say is "a wisdom practice disguised as a movement practice."

After discovering more comfort and lightness in my body than I had ever known was possible, I expanded my study of well-being into the realm of relationship by training in the Art of Circling®, a practice of inviting deeper human connection into every conversation by tuning into the most resonant frequencies of our shared humanity. My understanding of the infinity of relationships between sensation, thought, feeling and movement has been further enriched by my daily practice of sitting meditation. I also feel deeply nourished by the wordless communication with other bodies in the creative dance practice known as contact improvisation.

The integration of my discoveries about body, mind, heart and soul - and their ever-changing relationships to the  surrounding world - led me to a dynamic synthesis of practices I call the Musicality of Being. I offer this experience of presence, which invites a felt connection with the rhythms, melodies and harmonies of life, as a monthly outdoor workshop in Washington DC.

For entrepreneurs and creative professionals seeking a new alignment of purpose and their life path and liberation from chronic discomfort, burnout and disconnection, I offer Grounded Connection. This self-guided 16-week curriculum of somatic, meditative and dialogical self inquiry is enriched by weekly live online community practice sessions. This program is designed to strengthen your autonomy as a life-long learner through heightened participation in the multi-layered experience of being and profound insight into universal principles of relationship while showing you how to integrate your learning into all aspects of everyday life.

I also work individually with small number of clients who have clarified that they are "all in" on the road to self-transformation.

To explore how I can support you to find more ease, connection, flow and meaning, book a free call with me today.