What lies at the heart of human connection?









The Musicality of Being!

To relate to each other harmoniously, we need to be "in tune" and "in sync."

When you learn how to tune the instrument of your body to the other human
(and non-human) bodies you encounter, you can enjoy more satisfying relationships
and a deeper sense of being at home in the world.

in Rock Creek Park, Washington DC*

Saturday May 25, 10am - 1pm
Suggested Donation - $25
* Meet up location provided after registration

Sunday July 14, 10am - 1pm EST
Suggested Donation - $25

"I think musicality is when you are at ease with whatever is going on inside
or outside, the easiness of navigating the 'music of life.'"

How you relate to others begins with how you relate to yourself and your world. When you're comfortable, you feel solidity in the ground under your feet, a free-flowing breath, and a sense of welcome from the surrounding environment.

But to find the same comfort in interaction with others is another level of connection. Each one of us "moves to the beat of a different drummer", making it necessary to adjust when we meet each other. For some, this is not a natural skill - but it can be learned.

Dynamic and flowing cooperation between people with different backgrounds, points of view, and personalities opens up possibilities that we rarely attain on our own. In a time of increasing crisis and polarization, there is perhaps nothing more important we could do than remind ourselves how to face each other, open our hearts, and find common ground.

Music - which is capable of combining many sounds into a single voice that moves us - is a valuable metaphor for human interaction.

In this workshop, we'll discover how the rhythms and melodies of our bodies and minds can be joined together in harmonious resonance - a state of shared vibration that brings us closer, facilitates creative collaboration, and provides the basis for people of different backgrounds and world views to see each other's humanity.

"That workshop was evidence that miracles occur."

Workshop activities include:

  • Somatic movement explorations to discover how your relationship to your body reflects your relationship to the world - and how to create new patterns of action that serve you better
  • Musical meditations to tune in and sync up with the dynamic, ever-changing flow of your surrounding environment
  • Embodied dialogue to facilitate the kind of communication where everyone feels seen and heard rather than feeling caught in the zero-sum games of debating to win or posturing to impress

"I was kind of blown away, almost overwhelmed by all these sensations that just go by the wayside, that are available. When I stepped outside during the break, I noticed all the different ways I could perceive the world and myself in it. What a gift to be able to tap into that aliveness."






Sunday, July 14, 10am-1pm

Live workshop in
Rock Creek Park (Washington DC)!
Saturday, May 25, 10am-1pm


The Musicality of Being workshop is hosted by Seth Dellinger.

Seth is a musician, dancer, Feldenkrais practitioner and life-long creative experimentalist.

"It feels like letting the body sing!"

The Musicality of Being workshop was born as an online event during the pandemic. It was both a direct response to our isolation and the culmination of years of meditating on the power of movement, music, and awareness practice to create deeper interpersonal connection.

In addition to the somatic explorations, embodied dialogue, and musical meditations that have always been part and parcel of the online MOB  workshops, when we meet in the park, we’ll be able to explore:

  • Contact improvisation - a wordless freeform dance of connection where the shifting point of contact between bodies becomes the silent leader of a mutual exploration of shared support
  • Environmental attunement - awakening to the personality of the local surroundings and aligning with the shapes, rhythms, and textures of the specific landscape of the here and now.
  • Partner games - taking advantage of the wide open spaces and unique topographies at our disposal, we’ll explore the landscape together to create new possibilities for each other

How past workshop participants describe the Musicality of Being . . .

"It's a beautiful thing to be invited to intentionally see things from a musical place. I'm perceiving everything differently. That's how powerful it is to see life more musically."

"That silence didn't feel awkward!"

"The rhythm of my heart has changed so many times,

with every voice that has spoken here."

"I'm in awe of the possibility of being musical with everyone."

"I will be listening with new ears."

"The music is more than sound - it is sound, but it involves all of the senses.
I feel like I have a new toy, and now I want to play with it."

"All the pores in my skin are little ears."

"It amazes me how much can be felt through these Zoom calls."

"I was looking at your face - and it was like you were feeling
what he was feeling . . . and it was so beautiful."

"I was especially struck by realizing that allowing musicality through my body
impacts everything else, including the people around me,
but if I'm not in tune with it, I can't bring it into my relationship with others."

"I'm left with the idea of choice, that at every moment
there's the choice to compose the music that I want."

"I feel enlivened and grateful, a beautiful experience of receiving and offering.
The experience of being an artist, a composer, was powerful."

"It makes you realize how in control you are of
your experience - if you are present."







Are you going to come out and play on Saturday, May 25?

Watch the video below to get a taste of the Musicality of Being: