haiku from seattle

unpolished thoughts 1/25/2019


Calm and powerful,

Confident and kind, asking

Questions skillfully.


Watching, listening,

Internally lengthening,

Breathing globally.


Connecting hands and

Minds, we enter into a

Gentle dialogue.


Our capacities

Are awakening, and so

Are the old stories.


New stories and old,

In a gentle dialogue.



Power from a place

Deep inside, many of us

Didn’t know before.


The discovery

Of your own strength will change you.

You’ll walk diff’rently.


In between places

That once seemed to be the same

Lies a hidden truth.


Harvesting the seeds

Of a hidden field of dreams,

We mark the way back.


Foreign lands become

Known. Foreign faces become

Friends, or more than friends.


A world emerges,

A vision at least. Grounded,

Connected, human.


The act of learning

Is inconvenient and

Also beautiful.


The stories do not

Rewrite themselves without the

Help of patient ears.


The warmth of friendly

Hands that listen permeates

The conversation.


The spreading of new

Sensations illuminates the

Next questions to ask.


The asking of the

Questions challenges the old

Stories, and the new ones.


Insides and outsides

Connected through words and touch,

Breath and thoughtful ground.


In a large room our

Moving parts, seek the wholeness

Of community.


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