when opportunity calls

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unpolished thoughts 2/12/2019

Opportunities sometimes come out of nowhere.

Except that they don’t.

They simply come from somewhere initially beyond our view. If we were omniscient, or had the ability to rewind time and replay previous events, we would see how everything before this moment inexorably lead up to it.

We sometimes experience this kind of opportunity at the movie theater.

The camera shows us one character immersed in one life, and another character immersed in another. Gradually we notice the combustible elements they each carry, and begin to imagine how the sparks will fly when they meet.

We know something they don’t, and feel things they can’t feel. We taste many different flavors of anticipation, depending on what kind of encounter we predict.

However, back at home, we have no idea what will happen when the phone rings.

This morning my phone rang and I thought it might be one of those robots that likes to invite me to a survey or warns that my credit line might be compromised if I don’t press the pound key to talk to an operator right this very second.

But when I answered the phone, it turned out to be Opportunity calling.

The more we talked, the more the whole thing made sense. We rewound time together and discovered how we had actually been heading down this same path together all along.

We had never met, but we had always wondered about the same things. We had known some of the same people, read some of the same books, and were pursuing similar goals.

Now it was time to take the next logical step. It was time for us to partner and create something new.

Except that what we are about to create is nothing other than what we’ve always done. It’s simply the first chapter of the story where our characters appear in the same scene.

When I stop to think about it, Opportunity and I were always meant to be together. In a sense, we always have been together, we just weren’t aware of it.

We couldn’t see enough of the horizon. We hadn’t yet learned to differentiate each other’s voices from all the other melodies in the surrounding soundscape. We hadn’t yet learned how to make ourselves known to each other.

I had no idea that Opportunity would call today– but she knew.

She spotted me first, from a distance, but her curiosity brought her closer. She took all the time she needed to decide, but apparently she was convinced.

Even without knowing she was watching, apparently I knew the right dance steps to woo her.

I was lucky – but not really. I was simply myself – and I took up enough space, and made enough of a ruckus for her to notice.

When I really stop to think about it, this morning wasn’t the first time she’s reached out to me. She’s been calling regularly for some time now.

Except that when I rewind time and replay the movie, I see so many scenes in which my eyes were closed and my hands were firmly pressed over my ears.

I’m glad I heard the phone this morning.

I’m glad I had the courage to answer, to listen, to wait my turn, and then speak.

I’m glad that I made a commitment to action, to move into the world of Opportunity, and meet more of her friends, family, and community.

I hope that you too will be ready when Opportunity calls.

I hope you’re keeping your eyes peeled and your ears wide open.

Actually – wait a minute!



Just pause for moment.


What’s that sound?!


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2 thoughts on “when opportunity calls”

  1. Opportunity is now that I sit on my balcony in the sun reading your blog and some of the previous blogs which I forgot about. Because opportunity didnt call? Because I wasnt open, ready, prepared?
    You probably know the saying: luck is, if opportunity meets readiness. And there is always opportunity….
    The practice of the Feldenkrais Methode supports the readiness, it helps to open up to opportunities by opening all the senses. Its a worthwhile practice to be prepared for opportunities…..

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