Due to the current situation with coronavirus, I am teaching all my classes online.

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Awareness Through Movement® Classes in Washington DC

Experience significant improvements in your balance and flexibility, reduce pain and stress, and give yourself an overall boost in vitality.

Awareness Through Movement® is a gentle and exploratory form of somatic education that can benefit people of any age or background.  Students are verbally guided through a sequence of movements that helps to clarify the path to efficient action.  

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Life-Long Walking with the Feldenkrais Method®

Monday nights, 7pm at Circle Yoga (3838 Northampton St. NW DC)

January 6 - February 10

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We all walk in our own particular way, but some ways of walking have a future and others do not.

In this class, you will study the principles of ideal locomotion in the field of gravity through a gentle experiential process called Awareness Through Movement. You will learn how to reduce unnecessary efforts, employ artful counterbalance, and maintain the integrity of your posture as you move through the constantly changing world around you. You might even experience what it feels like to walk on air!

This class will be enjoyable and beneficial for new students as well as long-time enthusiasts of the Feldenkrais Method.

Contact me directly at sethbdellinger [at] gmail.com to arrange for private classes