Embodied Dialogue

Move, Meditate & Relate

Integrate Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

Practicing Presence to Fall in Love with Life

January 31, 10:30am-12pm EST 

What exactly is this thing called presence?

We've all heard that it's a good thing to "be present", but what exactly does that mean? Is it enough to keep telling ourselves to "be here now"?

(Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku once said that was a useful idea - except that most people don't truly understand the meaning of "be", "here" or "now"!)

How do we get past the clichés to the place where daily life is characterized by an ongoing process of dynamically adaptive engagement and an ever increasing intimacy with our own true nature and surrounding reality?

In this Embodied Dialogue session, we'll slow things down to examine some of the features of lived experience that are always present and always indicating something about our state of wellbeing.

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You'll learn how to:

  • Recognize how qualities of posture, breath, orientation, attunement and connection reflect the state of your thoughts, emotions, intention at any given moment.
  • Re-orient towards deeper presence when you get lost - shedding the compulsion to act as you think you "should" and rediscovering the deeper ground in yourself that is your most reliable support.
  • Skillfully integrate your practice into the flow of social interaction so that you stay grounded to your center when you are in relation to the distinct rhythms and energies of other people in your company.

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Connecting Insides & Outsides with the Breath

Februay 7, 8-9:30pm EST 

& February 14, 10:30am-12pm EST 

Every breath you take is an exchange with the surrounding environment.

Every breath you take reflects the current state of your entire being.

Every shift in your balance, your thinking, your attention or your emotions will be reflected in a shift in the movement of your breath.


For these reasons, studying the breath is an essential part of any path to increased well being and deeper self-knowing. There is great value both in learning strategies for intentionally modulating the breath to refresh its rhythm, shape and quality as well as simply developing a more refined ability to observe one’s breath in rich detail - whether it feels comfortable or not.

Breath is a central focus of myriad traditions of practices for the improvement of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Yet all too often, highly valuable strategies of “breath work” or concentration practice become rigidly identified as dogmatic ideas about “correct breathing”, limiting their effectiveness and narrowing the scope, richness and potential of the overall relationship to breath that one can develop.

Instead of scolding yourself for shallow breathing or a lack of concentration, you are invited into a deeper dialogue with the ever-present life-sustaining movement that bridges your internal experience with what you encounter in the outside world:

  • What situations and activities do you associate with an easy, flowing breath?
  • What circumstances tend to lead you to restrict your breathing?
  • How is your breathing impacted when you are in the presence of other people - and how is it different when you are with this person or that person?

Drop-in for $20

What is Embodied Dialogue?

Embodied Dialogue is a powerful process I developed with my private clients in 2022 that brings together the most important lessons learned in over a decade of being both a student and teacher of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education, mindfulness meditation, and authentic relating practices. I'm now opening it up to the general public.

The "secret sauce" is activated when you connect the dots between these different forms of self-knowing and see how they are all different ways of getting at the same thing:

Stop. Look. Listen. See and feel something new.
Gain a deeper understanding of who you really are.
Then courageously try it on in action! 

Get this idea deep in your bones and it becomes part of how you move through the world day in and day out. Which is actually a big deal.

Each Embodied Dialogue session opens up a new dimension of this multi-layered practice of self-inquiry in order to discover:

  • more pleasure in your physical body
  • more clarity of mind
  • a more courageous and open heart
  • a sense of comfort in your own skin when you are in the company of others.

Tap into your being at the soul level - and give yourself the nourishment that's been missing.

"Seth's community practice has beautifully enriched my daily practice and supported me to feel more connected to myself and those around me. I've been meditating for years, but when I was first starting out I would have loved to have had a community to practice with and a mentor to demonstrate the broad scope of meditation. Seth offers this plus more.

I am especially intrigued with what he calls Embodied Dialogue. As a result of this methodology, I made surprisingly deep and quick connections with other members of the community which have helped me to better understand the power of somatic work, meditation and relating. I could not recommend Seth or this practice highly enough."

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