Access a free training to upgrade your embodied use of attention
in order to reap the life-long benefits of improved perception & sensitivity.

It's hard to connect if you're constantly distracted...

  • Massive companies spend millions daily to keep you glued to their screens by tweaking the algorithms, sending you constant notifications & content suggestions, and tracking every move you make online
  • The "news" you receive is delivered via click-bait headlines - accompanied by editorials that promote "us vs. them" attitudes over understanding & dialogue

  • A global pandemic has turned life upside down, limiting freedom of movement, increasing mistrust between strangers, placing unprecedented pressures on families, and depriving everyone of essential human connection

Like it or not, this is the world you live in.

So what can you do to stay sane - not just "get by", but build the life you want to live - despite all the mayhem?

You can take back control of your senses.

You can train your attention to:

  • Remain focused - without narrowing into tunnel vision
  • Be penetrating - without being impatient
  • Be curious - without becoming distracted
  • Respond rapidly to changing circumstances

I've created a free training designed to help you build on the natural strengths of your nervous system - so you can move, breathe, think, and live better.

In this 75-minute presentation, you will learn:

  • How to pay attention to your internal state - because before you turn your attention outwards, you'd better make sure that you aren't standing on top of shaky foundations.
  • Which internal sensations and signals to track in order to identify your habits of thought & action (and build better ones whenever necessary).
  • Basic principles for a healthy body & mind that apply to any circumstance - from the time you set aside for formal practice to the spontaneous moments of your daily activity

Imagine how it would feel to get in bed each night satisfied that you had consistently directed your undivided attention throughout your day to the things most important to you:

  • Which lingering issues could you resolve?
  • Which friends and loved ones would you give more time?
  • Which new skills would you practice and master?
  • What creative projects would you move forward?

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"This is so, so, so, so good! I feel incredibly light and relaxed. It was much needed because I was all over the place before. It was very nice to come back." - MB

"I realized I protect my lower spine and put more weight on left side. This was a new discovery. Thank you." - SY

"I always find myself fortunate when teachers cross my path who show me the way to unlearning, the way to decondition from the clichés of the collective, and how I can learn for myself through my own experience rather than relying on information thrown at me by the outside world.

Seth is definitely one of them. I'd recommend his classes to everyone who's open to explore and dive into the unknown depths of the intelligence of this magical vehicle we call the human body." - CU

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