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unpolished thoughts 2/15/2019

This morning I woke up in my lover’s arms. I’ve never known such warmth and comfort. She is sweeter than any boyhood fantasy I ever created – and there were many.

There is no replacement for resting in the arms of the one you love. There is no other peace so complete.

When two bodies learn each other’s contours, they begin to create support in ever more places. Our ability to let go encompasses more and more of our entire being.

Lovers are like stories that intertwine and unfold together. Past wounds and triumphs are reflected between them, brought back into the light to be gently held and examined.

It becomes possible for anger to flare in safety in order that it’s true source becomes known.

True pride can be expressed without fear of offending.

Grief can be opened up and shown for what and why it is, no longer to be suffered alone.

At least, we hope for these possibilities. But the lover gives us more hope than we’ve ever known before.

The lover says, “I see you.”

I see how beautiful you are, in all respects.

I care about your small scars as well as the large ones, and I will listen to what they have to say. I will show you mine so that you can see how we are both merely human.

If we run out of words, I will hold you close and rock you gently, because your story is important to me.”

If we continue to share our stories and discover the resonances between them; if we listen well and learn the lessons; if we refuse to cut off the stream and dam up what troubles us inside – a lifetime of the joy of storytelling awaits us.

Gradually, love expands us. It shows us how much larger we are than what lives inside our skin.

We each came into the world attached to our mother, and we have practiced connection (with varying degrees of success) ever since.

So two lovers are like two worlds meeting. With true curiosity for the source of each other’s loveliness, they enter a field of infinite discovery.

To live in such a world is to live a life we never knew was possible. All past chapters may now be rewritten if we wish – because they led us to this.

We sometimes wonder how rare is the treasure that we have found. In each other’s arms, experiencing the warmth between the folds of our skin and the steady shared gaze of our eyes, we know without a doubt that we have tapped into magic.

We wonder aloud what we can do to bring more of this magic into the world. We know what we have found is nothing less than what we deserve – and nothing less than what every human deserves.

We come to a place where we can’t stand to contain this light inside only our two little worlds, knowing that there is enough here to illuminate vast stretches beyond us.

The day begins, the sun slowly creeps over the horizon to melt away the darkness and invite us out into the stream of souls.

We embrace again, reluctant to let go of each other, but knowing that we never really do.

So we help each other, one last time, to imprint this sensation of warmth, to gather up an extra bundle to take with us out into the day, to give to whomever we can.


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