Online classes
90 minute Awareness Through Movement classes (each class includes movement exploration as well as time to share experiences).

Learn a simple 3-step process for lowering anxiety in any situation. Then deepen your capacity for self-regulation in every class:

  • Develop deep habits of self-care to promote health and wellbeing, vitality, and resiliency
  • Release unnecessary muscle contractions that restrict breathing
  • Recognize self-destructive habits and create new and more viable options
  • Cultivate a practice of grounding to stay calm and clear-headed in all circumstances
  • Find more clarity in your joints to move with grace and efficiency
  • Access internal strength as a foundation for emotional dignity

Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays - 5pm EST
Sundays - 2pm EST
Recordings of all classes are shared with participants. If you join mid-week you will receive recordings of all the previous classes.

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What people are saying about the class...

I'm sure for you it may be harder being online like this, but I find it really almost exactly the same as being in the room. It's just very effective for me. I feel you are here, I feel your observation and I think it's remarkably effective. I would not have imagined that I would have that reaction.


- This is exactly what I needed today! With this virus stuff - it's like a gravity that's been pulling me away from me. So I'm really glad to say that, at least for a while, I have been free of that gravity and I can return to the gravity of the human body.


- I am very grateful for this class, for your teaching style and your accomplishment, and the warmth you convey.


- My biggest constraint is in my mind. That's what I learned today.


- I'm increasingly becoming a believer. What an incredible detail about the way you deliver the product and it's really effective even if we're looking at a screen.


- I feel so much joy! I can feel my body in a way that I have never felt before. I feel more confident and more powerful.


- There's a little more sense of dignity as I stand and feel more support from my skeletal structure, more ease.


- I suspect I'm not the only one, but I've been very stressed in the last couple of weeks, and I find that when I'm stressed, I tend to not pay a lot of attention to my body. I tend to race around, and, as a result, end up feeling probably worse than I need to.

So the classes have been wonderful for me with respect to reminding my body that I can slow down, that I can breathe, that not every movement has to be rushed or large, that I can take time to explore rather than just to react in the moment.