I am happy to recommend Seth.  I had ten individual sessions with him to improve my movement in general as well as to prepare for a hiking trip. I had a foot problem which made it painful to walk even a few blocks. 

As a result of the sessions, I found that I could walk with ease to do my errands in the city. There was a clear improvement in my stability and my balance. Best of all, I was able to do the daily 7 to 9 miles with my hiking group in England with no pain!  Not worrying about my foot made it a thoroughly enjoyable trip. 

Seth is keenly observant, personable, and I feel that he genuinely cares about my progress.  He gives direction in a gentle and positive way. Even though the problem I originally saw him for is resolved, I will continue to work with him so that I can move with even more lightness and ease.

Beth W., artist, age 70


Lynn Price

Like many dancers, I like physical challenges, but it is actually incredibly important for us in particular to learn to listen and tune inward rather than focusing on goal oriented movements. Seth guided us wonderfully through a (mentally) challenging and rewarding series of movement explorations. I would absolutely recommend his classes!

– Lynne Price, dancer, choreographer

Dodie Headshot

Seth’s classes have increased my flexibility, and I move my body more consciously and with greater ease and efficiency. Seth is an absolutely superb teacher. He communicates clearly and with great respect for and support of each person in the class. I believe individuals of all ages in our community could benefit from him and his work.  

– Dorothea Brady, founder & president, Global Harmony Through Personal Excellence, Inc.

Nicole McClam headshot

Working with Seth really opened my eyes to the connection between my movement and my thinking. The experience was illuminating, grounding, and restful. I would definitely recommend his classes.

– Nicole McClam, dancer


In early 2009, I broke my pelvis in several places. I recovered with physical therapy, but it still hurt to walk. I have attended many group classes with Seth over the past year and also worked with him privately. Seth makes it easy to relax into what you’re doing without second-guessing yourself. After a session I always feel looser in my body and lighter mentally as well. Even getting up from the floor is easier. I leave feeling that I can go forth and deal with whatever I need to do.

– Lisa Ruedi, Bone Builders instructor

Cathy C

After my last session with Seth I noticed that my posture seemed much better.  I felt like each vertebra was stacked one on top of the other and very lifted up (with no effort) in the middle.  I felt taller.  I was standing and walking very naturally, with no strain. 

– Cathy Cataldo