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unpolished thoughts 2/25/2019

As I understand it, being a teacher does not mean knowing all the answers.

It simply means being able to show a path.

In my experience, what’s most essential is to develop a love of learning. Such a feeling is nurtured by a sense of knowing which questions to ask and having an idea of what to do with the answers that come.

In other words, it’s nice not to feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Life can be measured an infinite number of ways. Define a continuum between two things that can be contrasted and locate yourself at a point somewhere along that line. If you know which direction constitutes progress, it becomes a simple thing to know if the answers you are finding are the ones you need.

It’s possible that the direction that constitutes progress for you at one stage will be different than it is at another stage.

Sometimes you take heart as you approach zero. Sometimes you take heart as you approach infinity.

My own life has allowed me to get a clearer understanding of certain categories of measurement. I regularly check in with the quality of my breath, the length of my spine, my sense of my internal balance of inhibition and excitation, and the tone of the voice in my head.

My teaching practice is the art of asking questions.

I offer my students playful experiments to help them study the variables that can determine whether they will move closer or further from the ideal they seek.

The ability to move in the direction we wish – when we wish – is what gives us dignity.

Being stuck, or moving without the confidence that we’ve chosen the best direction, robs us of the opportunity to enjoy being alive.

So why not learn to tune our attention to an increasingly fine degree, to minimize the time it takes us to figure out whether or not we are engaged in “right action”?

How far do you have to go before you know if you wish to continue?


Do you want to refine your ability to know what you’re doing – so you can do more of what you want?

Whether you are seeking to improve physical coordination or your ability to create meaningful connections with others, the practice of expanding your self-knowing through the exploration of movement can generate deep and meaningful change if you are willing to truly engage.

The opportunity to engage is what I am offering in my 2019 online program ¡Reimagine Yourself!

It’s a movement practice to rewrite the story of how you move through the world.

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